Last week's post, "Top 5 Ranch Style Homes in North Dover" was such a BIG hit, we decided to stay in North Dover and identify the "Top 5" Colonials, with basements, UNDER $500,000.  

Want to know HOW MUCH your home in Toms River is WORTH?

We'll be honest, the pickings are slim, in this area, in this price range!  To make things even more challenging, we had to wade through the "muck" that passes for real estate photography now-a-days to find the select few that we knew would meet your standards.

Three of these "Top 5" are located in the same sub-division, "Walden Woods", and two of these homes are the same model, "The Willow".  What does that mean?  Not much, other than the fact that they appear to be a "bargain" in today's market and their agents understand the value of "good" photography.

So, without further ado; here they are...

The "Top 5" Colonials (with basements) in North Dover for UNDER $500K

$364,9002,808 sq ft
$399,0002,695 sq ft
$495,0002,998 sq ft
$464,9002,624 sq ft
$499,9002,624 sq ft