Originally, this post was intended to be titled, "Top 10 Homes Listed For Sale in the Village of Toms River", but we had to cut the number in half for a few specific reasons:

  1. There is NOT a lot of inventory for sale in the Village of Toms River.
  2. Too many Listing Agents don't know where the "Village" actually is or fail to identify it correctly.
  3. Let's be brutally honest; if we were judging by pictures alone, it would be a challenge to come up with 3 "Top Homes", let alone 5 or 10!

Enough with our unsolicited criticism, let's get on with the actual list...  

What makes these 5 listings the "Top 5 in the Village of Toms River", other than the 3 reasons previously mentioned?

BANG for the BUCK!  Check out the square footage along with the price tag...

We know you already know how valuable the "Village" location is.  Now you're going to know how valuable, and affordable, the price per square foot is.

So, here they are; the Top 5 Listings in the Village of Toms River:

$597,5004,064 sq ft
$519,9003,543 sq ft
$429,9002,420 sq ft
$364,0002,355 sq ft
$249,9001,632 sq ft