As we continue our "Top 5" series of the top five homes in specific sections of Toms River, NJ, the scarcity of the "ranch" style home in Toms River called for an immediate post.  To make the post even more intriguing, we decided to try and find the "Top 5 Ranch Style Homes" in the North Dover section of Toms River.

Interested in selling your Ranch style home in North Dover?  Experience Matters!

When one thinks of, or hears the term, "North Dover", they usually picture the "McMansion" or Contemporary Colonial.  With good reason, our search for "ranch" style homes currently for sale in North Dover yielded a paltry total of 13 listings.  The 3 most expensive of these listings are "New Construction" but contained NO IMAGES, so they were eliminated.

The remaining 10 ranches listed for sale through the MLS, ranged in list price from $137,000 (in the Dover Pines community) to $538,000 (on the western border of Silverton).  Again, we prioritized our selection based on the primary photograph of the home, followed by location, features and size.

The "Top 5" Ranch Style Homes in North Dover:

$339,0001,865 sq ft
$419,9002,286 sq ft
$420,0002,524 sq ft
$450,0003,314 sq ft
$538,0002,800 sq ft